DIY FLOOR DEVICE (Worldwide patented PCT) is a floating floor system consist of Interlocking plastic base.

The system can be installed over existing hard-surface sub-floor making tile installation much easier, faster and low cost.

Each of the device is a high-quality plastic base integrated with “press and lock” mechanism. This mechanism allows the device to interlock with one another and consequently create a firm floating floor base with consistent regular grout line.

The device is versatile because it is outfitted with self-adhesive glue. It allows to adhere on top any porcelain tile or marble stone in fit size of the device.

After adhere the tile, simply apply the silicon sealant along the consistent grout line and it could form an elastic, durable and waterproof tile joint. No need for the nasty and skillful mortar job and still could achieve professional result.

No massive tools and no special technique is required. You could install the DIY floor system on your own schedule, instead of hiring and waiting a contractor to fit you in.