Flexible Stone

Basically, there are two kinds of material for decorating the walls : (1) paints, and (2) wall papers.

Painting is cheap but dull and easy to get dirty, while wall paper is expensive but easy to become deformed.

Now people found that stone is a kind of high class decorative material, but installation is not only difficult but also expensive due to its thickness and weight.

Our factory has invented a method to create a type of artificial stone which is called “soft stone” or “flexible stone”, and it is composed of clay and sand.
We make use of real stones patterns and scan their surfaces to make moulids to form the features of the stone. In fact, it looks like real stones but without their disadvantages. The thickness of our flexible stone varies from 2.5mm to 4.5mm, depending on the types of stone such as granite, sandstone, slate, rock slate, Travertines, etc.